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One out of every four families has a baby that struggles with sleep.  You would think that our baby's are born knowing how to sleep on their own, but sleeping independently is a learned skill that parents can teach their children. What does sleeping independently mean?  It means that your baby can self sooth and fall asleep on their own without the aid of "props". The goal of sleep coaching is teaching your baby the skills of how to fall asleep by themselves.  Babies cycle in and out of sleep patterns, that is the normal process of sleep for all of us!   We're teaching them the skills of how to fall asleep and then, get back to sleep as they awaken during sleep cycles!  I am here to help you learn and teach your baby healthy sleeping habits.  I love helping families get back to sleep!

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There's lots of conflicting information out there that can be confusing and frustrating.  Trying to find a method that will work or you are comfortable with is a difficult process.  What works for one family might not work for another.  All babies are different, so depending on their temperment and your parenting philosophies picking the right method for your family is a choice you should be confident and feel comfortable with. 

What is sleep deprivation?

Do you find yourself walking into a room having no idea what you came into the room for?  Has brain fog got you stumbling around aimlessly at times?  A new study published from Oxford University found that sleep declined sharply right after childbirth with the lowest point being the first 3 months.  Even six years later parents hadn't recovered.  This is an amazing study, that gives more reason as to why it's so important to get your family sleeping well.

What is sleep a trainer?

I teach you and your baby the skills of how to sleep indepdently.  I get to know your family and baby and then customize a plan that works for your parenting style. You'll follow a detailed plan that will get your baby sleeping in no time.  Just like learning to walk and talk, sleeping independently is a learned skill too.  During your sleep learning package, we'll be working closely together, staying in contact via phone calls, texts and emails dependent on which package you choose

  • Do you find you have no time for yourself?
  • Are you tired and exhausted most of the time?
  • Does your baby depend on you to fall asleep?
  • Does your baby only sleep for short periods?
  • Have you tried methods that haven't been successful?

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